Rental of skiing equipment online

How to order?

Acquaint oneself with the short instruction. Only several easy activities to make an order preliminary, guarantee receive of the discount from 20 to 30%, from it’s usually value in the shop.

Step 1:
In the ordering chart: choose the country and then to find the resort (city) that you need in the list. On this resort the SKISOF cooperate with rental agencies, which are situated nearly the elevators, and shops will be chosen automatically.


Step 2:
To choose the term of lease which was planned for skiing you need to point the first day of the skiing and the amount of the days. You can receive your order day before, from 6 p.m. You need to return the equipment at the end of lease term till 9 a. m. next day.


Step 3:
To select the available equipment from the list. At first, choose the person for which you are doing the order – man, woman or child. Then, choose the equipment from the list. You can also order boots and helmet with skies or snowboard. In this case, you need to put a mark next to this type of equipment in the appropriate window.


Step 4:
Now, you only need to confirm and pay your order!
(You will need to specify your surname, first name, stature, weight and size of shoes).

Step 5:
After confirming of your order you’ll receive the letter on your e-mail (which you write in the ordering chart).

Then print it out to show at the rental shop of choosing resort.

In Naturlandia two restoration centers...

  Naturlandia, nature is seen and lived 365 days a year! A sensational winter activities for the whole family. Wonderful landscapes, panoramic exceptional skiing at 2050 m high snow slide park unique in the Pyrenees, Tobotronc space, playground, fleet, ice rink, populated Nordic dogs ... Naturlandia offers all this and more for you to have a sensational winter with family enjoying the activities of a more fun and friendly environment. In Naturlandia two restoration centers, one in the field of the Rabassa Snow and the other at Base Camp. 

  Choose between an outdoor terrace with panoramic views, next to the fireplace Base Camp Restaurant or a traditional meal at the restaurant El Refugio del Campo de Nieve, surrounded by nature. Catering for all tastes, with a wide range of proposals to meet the needs of the whole family. 
  Furthermore, Naturlandia offers special packages for groups of adult activities, school groups, seniors and groups with limited experience and other incentives for businesses activities adapted to each need. One of the main attractions is the playful Naturlandia longest natural toboggan in the world, with 5.3 km long. The Tobotronc you on a journey through the woods sitting in a comfortable two-seater sled that you can control at all times. Another way to see nature from within.

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